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Dalton’s dead, long live whats-his-name

CTV folks: I do understand the pressure of posting breaking news. In the scramble to be first, sometimes mistakes are made. Sometimes typos slip in. But you’d think you’d notice the spelling of the name of the guy who’s been in charge of Ontario for darn near a decade.

Dalton McGuinty’s announcement that he’s stepping down as Ontario premier took many by surprise — apparently including CTV, who spelled his name wrong.


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Just call him Felix Lightwalker

Space jumper Felix Baumgartner was moving pretty fast on his way down from 24 miles up on Sunday. He even achieved the fastest velocity for a human without the aid of jet or spacecraft. But really, MSNBC? Did you really need to say he broke the laws of physics?

Felix Baumgartner travelled faster than the speed of light, according to MSNBC’s scientifically-challenged staff.

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Making a Fars out of fake news

Iran’s official news agency is the latest to get tripped up by the Onion’s dry satire. The organization has apologized after it ran, with a Tehran placeline, an article from the popular satirical website claiming that most rural Americans polled said they preferred Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Barack Obama.

The Onion, picking up on the gaffe, added a line to their story: “For more on this story: Please visit our Iranian subsidiary organization, Fars.”

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Three’s company, indeed

Courtesy Grammarly via George Takei, sometimes an editor needs to read their headline a second time, or they get into a hole lot of trouble.

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