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Just call him Felix Lightwalker

Space jumper Felix Baumgartner was moving pretty fast on his way down from 24 miles up on Sunday. He even achieved the fastest velocity for a human without the aid of jet or spacecraft. But really, MSNBC? Did you really need to say he broke the laws of physics?

Felix Baumgartner travelled faster than the speed of light, according to MSNBC’s scientifically-challenged staff.

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CTV Ottawa newsroom goes batty

CTV Ottawa became a batcave Tuesday, with one bat flying around during the afternoon (and visible behind anchors J.J. Clarke and Michael O’Byrne during the noon broadcast), and another again later that evening. Count Floyd would approve. Scaaaary kids!

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Black Friday, red face

From’s TV Spy, this unfortunate missed word from last year’s Black Friday coverage.

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Photography tips with Stephen Harper

The prime minister seldom gets to show his playful side. I mean, that must be the explanation for why this 2008 photo shows him taking a photo while peering through his flash. Right?



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