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Media Interviews I’d Like to Forget, B.C. style

Poor Christy Clark. Some radio guy asks the B.C. premier a ridiculous question – because they’re in radio, apparently the last refuge of the brainless – and she, in shock, answers it. And gets criticized for doing so. Because, well, she should know when someone is about to be wildly inappropriate, and not be taken aback. She can’t win for trying, anyway.

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When is a correction not a correction?

When it’s a typo.


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Encroaching ads, as good an idea as lead balloons

Sometime in the last decade or so, some marketer got the brilliant idea of moving parts of the ads directly into the news copy. No one can miss them, then, right? And no one can miss just how badly it backfires, too, like this unfortunate placement in the Nuneaton News of Warwickshire, England (courtesy @GingerElvis):

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Calgary Herald: Editorial cartoon or bust?

Today’s Calgary Herald editorial cartoon marks a brave move, away from those old cartoon cliches of humour and, well, cartoon. A brave move toward more exposure for Bachelor Canada contestants Bianka, Whitney and Kara (as if they need it). Are they borrowing a page (call it Page 6) from the Calgary Sun?

This appeared as the Calgary Herald’s editorial cartoon Thursday morning, for a while at least.

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