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I prefer the Blatant Innuendo Community Centre

Being a four-term mayor just doesn’t garner the respect it used. Not enough, anyway, to get your name on Ft. Wayne, Indiana’s new municipal building. Not when your name is (cue the schoolboy sniggering) Harry Baals. Even though he was polling three times as well as the runner-up, the Eugene Johnson Memorial Center.

Good thing the media handled the story so sensitively last year.


baals2 baals3

And yes, that’s how he pronounced it.

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Media Interviews I’d Like to Forget, B.C. style

Poor Christy Clark. Some radio guy asks the B.C. premier a ridiculous question – because they’re in radio, apparently the last refuge of the brainless – and she, in shock, answers it. And gets criticized for doing so. Because, well, she should know when someone is about to be wildly inappropriate, and not be taken aback. She can’t win for trying, anyway.

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When is a correction not a correction?

When it’s a typo.


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For sale: One blimp, no longer featuring a topless photo of the Queen

Canada’s now-departed satirical magazine Frank once boasted its own blimp. And now, this iconic airship can be yours — if, for some reason, you yearn to own something that taunted Brian Mulroney from above his 1996 libel trial, or (infamously) sailed above Parliament Hill during the 1997 royal visit, adorned with a doctored photo of the Queen, topless. (Until the Mounties scrambled to get it down, anyway.)

One caveat: The signage is not included. We are not amused.

Frank’s iconic blimp is on sale on eBay — but without the colourful signage.

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Encroaching ads, as good an idea as lead balloons

Sometime in the last decade or so, some marketer got the brilliant idea of moving parts of the ads directly into the news copy. No one can miss them, then, right? And no one can miss just how badly it backfires, too, like this unfortunate placement in the Nuneaton News of Warwickshire, England (courtesy @GingerElvis):

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Calgary Herald: Editorial cartoon or bust?

Today’s Calgary Herald editorial cartoon marks a brave move, away from those old cartoon cliches of humour and, well, cartoon. A brave move toward more exposure for Bachelor Canada contestants Bianka, Whitney and Kara (as if they need it). Are they borrowing a page (call it Page 6) from the Calgary Sun?

This appeared as the Calgary Herald’s editorial cartoon Thursday morning, for a while at least.

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They really do miss their hockey at the Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun likes hockey. Really, really likes it. After all, nothing draws eyes to a tabloid like a winning team, or the Maple Leafs.

So I understand the desire to fill the lockout-induced space with other provocative content. But really, Toronto Sun?

Then again, maybe they’ll sell more papers to replace those covered in spat coffee. (Courtesy Steve Ladurantaye)

Courtesy @sladurantaye, this headline from Friday’s Toronto Sun.

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